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You find out you have a severe illness, but your insurance won’t cover the treatment. Or, you make a claim and then your coverage is taken away. It’s not rare for health insurance companies to avoid paying or deny claims wrongly. They might even cancel your policy if they say you didn’t fill out the form right. Health insurance attorneys are here to help. They make sure insurance companies do what they promised for your health care.

Key Takeaways

  • Health insurance companies often deny claims for reasons such as lack of medical necessity, lack of pre-authorization, claim form errors, and experimental treatments.
  • Policyholders have the right to file appeals and request external reviews, but must meet strict deadlines.
  • For individual health plans, policyholders can file lawsuits immediately after a denial, but Eris A-1 Covered group plans require exhausting the appeals process first.
  • Health insurance attorneys can help navigate the complex claims and appeals process, and initiate litigation to secure payment of denied claims.
  • Attorneys can also assist with addressing medical billing errors and negotiating with healthcare providers.

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The Importance of Consulting a Health Insurance Attorney

Health insurance attorneys are key in dealing with complex health insurance claims and fights. They know the rights of policyholders well. They guide people through the health coverage system’s details.

These attorneys explain policy terms and ensure rules are followed. They stand up for the policyholder if claims are denied or coverage is at risk. Their knowledge boosts the chance of getting claims accepted. This keeps policyholders from paying bills their insurer should.

Understanding Your Rights as a Policyholder

Knowing your rights as a policyholder is crucial. Health insurance attorneys help explain these rights and make sure you’re treated fairly by insurers. They are experts in the healthcare coverage field. They offer tips on healthcare consumer rights and how to avoid insurance bad faith actions.

Navigating the Complex World of Health Insurance Claims

Dealing with health insurance claims can be hard, especially with denials or problems. Health insurance attorneys assist in understanding your policy and finding appeal grounds. They work on your behalf through the entire claims process.1 With their help, you can better your chances of claim success and avoid the burden of denied coverage.

health insurance attorney

Common Reasons for Health Insurance Claim Denials

Health insurance companies often say no to claims for several reasons. This includes not deeming the care as needed medically. They also might say it wasn’t necessary if it wasn’t approved beforehand or if it was done by a provider not in their network2. Late submissions or errors on the claim can also lead to a negative answer. Sometimes, they may consider the treatment too new or out there to pay for. This can be tough for people with insurance and can happen while the company tries to save money or make more. A lawyer specializing in health insurance can be really helpful in these situations. They can guide you through and help push back on wrong claim rejections.

Lack of Medical Necessity

If the health insurance thinks a treatment wasn’t needed for your health, they might deny your claim. This means they could not pay for surgery, tests, or meds they see as not important to your health needs. They have to be aligned with what you need health wise.

Lack of Pre-Authorization or Out-of-Network Provider

Getting approval before specific treatments is a rule in many insurance plans. If you don’t get this approval, your claim could be turned down. Choosing a doctor or hospital not in their network without permission might also lead to a denial.

Claim Form Errors or Late Filing

Even small mistakes on the claim form, like wrong codes or missing info, can cause rejection. Not submitting your claim in time can also lead to a denial. Make sure all your paperwork is correct and filed on time to avoid this issue.

Experimental or Investigational Treatments

Insurance might not pay for treatments they think are too new or not well known yet. They might see these as unproven or not common in the medical world. Unfortunately, this can mean not getting coverage for therapies that could help you.

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Fighting a Denied Health Insurance Claim

Getting a health insurance claim denied is tough. But, you can challenge it by filing an appeal. Before you think about a lawsuit, you must try this appeal process first. Keep in mind, there are deadlines for appeals in health insurance plans. Missing those deadlines could stop you from taking further steps.

Filing an Appeal and Meeting Deadlines

After a claim denial, you usually have six months to file an appeal. If you still need the treatment, the insurer must give a decision in 30 days. For treatments already done, it’s 60 days. It’s very important to stick to the health insurance plan’s time limits. This is key to prevent your case from being thrown out of court.

Requesting an External Review

You also might get a review by an independent expert, not linked to the insurer. Under some rules (ERISA), you have to try the internal appeal first, before suing. But for some policies, you can go straight to court. It’s wise to have a health insurance lawyer help you. They will make sure you meet all the necessary deadlines.

Suing Your Health Insurance Company

If your health insurance claim gets denied and you’ve tried appealing but still didn’t win, you might be able to sue your insurer. The possibility to sue and the steps to do so depend on what kind of insurance you have.

Individual Health Insurance Plans

If you have an individual health insurance policy, you can sue right after they deny your claim.

Group Health Plans and ERISA

But if it’s a group health plan under ERISA, you need to go through their appeals first. Then, if needed, you can take them to court.

health insurance attorney is very useful here. They can make sure you follow the right legal steps and meet all the necessary deadlines. This is crucial.

When suing, keep in mind issues like erisa litigationhealthcare coverage disputes, and insurance bad faith. A knowledgeable attorney can guide you through these complicated matters. They work to safeguard your legal rights as a policyholder.

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The Role of a Health Insurance Attorney

Health insurance attorneys help people understand health insurance claims. They look into health insurance policies. They make sure insurance companies are fair and follow the rules. They also help get money for claims that were wrongly denied.

Interpreting Complex Policy Terms

Health insurance policies have lots of hard-to-understand parts. Health insurance attorneys know how to read and explain these to clients. This knowledge helps make sure claims go through well.

Ensuring Compliance and Fair Treatment

Companies must follow rules like the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) and the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Health insurance attorneys check if companies treat their clients right and follow these rules. This is very important if someone’s claim is wrongly denied or if they’re treated unfairly.

Pursuing Litigation for Claim Payment

If a claim isn’t fixed through appeals, health insurance attorneys can go to court to get it paid. They are experts in insurance law and know about the ERISA rules for group plans. They fight to keep clients from huge medical bills that the insurance should cover.

Bad Faith Practices by Health Insurance Companies

Health insurance companies sometimes act in “bad faith.” They might deny benefits or take too long to pay. This can hurt the people with the insurance. They might face problems that go beyond not getting the benefits.

Unreasonable Denial of Benefits

In your own health insurance, if they unfairly deny your claim, you could take legal action. You might not only get compensation but also money for the stress. A lawyer familiar with insurance can be a big help with this.

Delayed Payments and Consequential Damages

Sometimes, insurance companies put off paying, even when the claim is valid. This delay can cause both money and emotional problems for those with the policy. A good lawyer can help get compensation for these extra damages caused by the insurance company’s actions.

Protecting Your Health Insurance Coverage

The ACA offers many new protections for people with health insurance. Now, it’s illegal to deny coverage for past health issues. Still, some insurance companies might try to cancel your coverage retroactively. They do this by claiming you didn’t tell the truth on your application.

Pre-Existing Condition Exclusions

Thanks to the ACA, insurance companies can’t deny you coverage for having past health issues. They also can’t charge you more because of these conditions. This rule helps many people get the health care they need.

Avoiding Rescission of Coverage

Even with the ACA in place, some insurers might still try to take away your coverage later. This is called “rescission”. They say it’s because of a mistake on your application. A health insurance lawyer can be very helpful. They can make sure you know your rights and help you fight back. They can help you keep the benefits that your insurance plan should give you.

health insurance attorney

Health insurance attorneys know a lot about healthcare coverage problems. They are experts in health insurance policies and rules. They help people get their claims approved and fight against unfair denials. This means policyholders get the benefits they deserve.

Expertise in Healthcare Coverage Disputes

These lawyers understand why insurance claims often get denied. It might be because of errors in the claim, not checking with the insurance first, or not filling the claim on time. They help policyholders appeal these decisions. They make sure all deadlines are followed and help get independent reviews when needed.

Advocating for Policyholders’ Rights

Health insurance attorneys stand up for policyholders. They work to make sure the insurance policies are being followed properly. They can take legal action against the insurance companies when they don’t pay denied claims. Their hard work can turn a denied claim into an approved one. This keeps policyholders from having to pay big medical bills they thought their insurance would cover.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act, or ACA, has made big changes to how health insurance works. It has set up new rules to protect people who buy health insurance. For example, insurance companies can’t refuse to cover you or charge more if you have a health issue already. This change is a key step in making sure everyone gets fair treatment in healthcare.

Essential health benefits are also very important under the ACA. These include things like doctor visits, emergency care, and even help for mental health issues. Plans have to include these benefits.

Changes to Health Insurance Regulations

The ACA has made many new rules. It stops plans from putting a limit on how much they’ll pay each year for essential health benefits. Also, all health plans can’t make you wait more than 90 days to use your coverage.

Insurance companies now have to tell everyone when prices are going up by 10% or more. This helps keep things fair for people buying their own health insurance or small group plans. These rules are meant to help but might make choosing the right plan a bit harder.

New Protections for Policyholders

The ACA also makes sure that policyholders have more rights. For example, a group plan can’t end your coverage for no good reason. They have to offer certain preventive services without you having to pay anything out of pocket.

If you disagree with a decision your health plan makes, there’s a process that must be followed to solve it. This way, you and others have a chance to make your case and get the coverage you pay for.

Seeking Legal Assistance for Medical Billing Errors

Health insurance attorneys help a lot with medical billing mistakes. They know how to check invoices and codes for accuracy. Also, they can talk to doctors and hospitals for you. This is important because wrong bills can make you pay more than you should.

Reviewing Invoices and Coding Accuracy

Health insurance lawyers are great at looking over your medical bills. They can find and fix any mistakes in how things were charged. This means you won’t have to pay for something you didn’t get or that was too pricey.

Negotiating with Healthcare Providers

Not only do they check bills, but they can also talk to healthcare providers for you. They have the skills to make sure you don’t overpay due to mistakes. This is really helpful when you’re staring at a bill that’s too high because of errors.

The Importance of Timely Action

When you face medical claim denials or healthcare coverage disputes, quick action is key. Health insurance plans set deadlines for appeals. If you miss these deadlines, you could lose your chance to take further legal steps. Healthcare plans might allow external reviews for free. These are reviewed by groups not involved in your case. It’s very important to stick to the time limits set by health insurance plans to avoid your case being dismissed.

Meeting Deadlines for Appeals and Lawsuits

If you have individual health insurance plans, you can sue right after your claim is denied. But, if it’s a group health plan under ERISA, you must first go through all the appeals. Lawyers specializing in health insurance can help. They aim to overturn claim denials by showing they are wrong. They assist in both appeals and lawsuits.

Avoiding Statutory Limitations

Except for South Carolina, all states have deadlines for insurers to respond to claims. This is usually within 30 to 60 days. These laws encourage insurers to handle electronic claims faster. If they don’t, they might have to pay extra to the claimant, up to 18% interest.

In 2001, California fined an insurer nearly $3,000,000 for breaking prompt pay rules. They didn’t pay the required interest. In 2002, Texas penalized 47 insurers. They had to pay $36 million to providers and $15 million in fines. In October 2005, Georgia warned an insurer about $2.4 million in fines for late payments.

Working with a skilled health insurance attorney can make sure you meet all deadlines. This boosts your chances in disputes and lawsuits related to health insurance and ERISA cases.


Health insurance attorneys are key in protecting policyholders’ rights. They ensure that people get the healthcare they deserve. These experts know how to deal with health insurance issues like claims and appeals. They can solve problems like claim rejections, pre-existing condition limits, and billing mistakes.

They use their deep understanding of health insurance laws to help their clients. Health insurance attorneys fight for the rights of those needing healthcare coverage. They make sure insurance companies meet their promises and give the benefits that have been paid for.

They are there to help when dealing with claim rejections or billing errors. They might even go to court if an insurer is acting unfairly or in bad faith. These attorneys are essential in making sure healthcare is accessible and fair. Their hard work and skill are crucial for policyholders trying to understand the healthcare system.


  • What is the role of a health insurance attorney?

Health insurance attorneys help policyholders fight for their rights. They work to ensure people get the health coverage they deserve. These lawyers take on big insurance companies to enforce policy terms.

  • Why is it crucial to consult a health insurance attorney?

It’s key to see a health insurance lawyer when you’re dealing with tricky claims or disputes. These attorneys are experts on what policyholders are owed. They guide them through the health coverage maze.

  • What are common reasons for health insurance claim denials?

Insurance companies often say no for many reasons. They might claim the treatment wasn’t needed, or you didn’t get approval first. Errors on forms, filing late, using the wrong doctor, or experimental care can also lead to denial.

  • How can policyholders fight a denied health insurance claim?

If your claim is turned down, you can appeal in writing. Also, you might get an independent expert to review your case. This person can’t be tied to the insurance company.

  • Can policyholders file a lawsuit against their health insurance company?

If you’ve appealed and still get a no, suing the company might be an option. The rules for suing change depending on your insurance plan.

  • How can health insurance attorneys help policyholders?

Health insurance lawyers explain complex policies. They make sure the company follows the law and treats you right. They might also take your case to court if needed.

  • What is “bad faith” practice by health insurance companies?

“Bad faith” includes things like not paying when they should or stalling payments. These actions can really harm those with policies, often costing them more than the original denied claim.

  • How does the Affordable Care Act (ACA) impact health insurance coverage?

The ACA changed the rules and helped protect people with certain health conditions. But, insurance companies can still try to find ways not to cover you fully or fairly.

  • Can health insurance attorneys help with medical billing errors?

Yes, these lawyers can look into billing and coding to correct mistakes. They’re also able to work with your medical team to fix problems and get you a fair deal.

  • Why is it important to take timely action when dealing with health insurance disputes?

Acting quickly matters because you might miss your chance for an appeal. There are also time limits for suing the insurance company. Missing these deadlines could mean no further actions are allowed.

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